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Similar to the electronics industry, with the development of science and technology in recent years, radio control has developed rapidly. More and more people are aware of this interest and will enter. But some of you may still be new to the RC field, so I started with the basics. In general, RC vehicles can be divided into three types: RC trucks cars, sea-based machines, and air-based devices. Most sea-based machines are made primarily of plastic and are fast. These are sailing boats, rowing boats, airships, scale boats, bb shooting warships, and even diving submarines. In addition, air-based equipment is one of the most popular types of RC hobbies (yes, just because it can fly and you like to be a professional pilot). There are two essential types - UAVs and remotely piloted aircraft. There is no doubt that this is more expensive, and each aircraft costs more than one or two thousand dollars.

The land vehicle here is mainly introduced, it is an ideal way to contact RC and easy to operate novices. There are different types of remote control cars involving stadium trucks, short-haul trucks, monster trucks, 4WD and RC crawlers. Want to enter the exciting world of RC racing and / off-road? Ok, you found the right place! Not all RC cars and trucks cars are like the toys you played when you were young. Some RCs can use nitro fuel up to 100 mph! But a remote control car like this requires a lot of expertise and know-how. This reminds me of my first and most important point...

Start simple! You won't give Lamborghini's keys to someone who has never driven before, right? If you discard a lot of dough on an RC super machine without any RC experience, you may feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and worst of all, have a brand new RC. Many remote control cars can be upgraded, so when you get more experience, buying a solid base model and adding jump or performance parts may be a good choice. It depends on what kind of remote driving action you are looking for. Do you need some pure road speed? Will your heart compete when considering removing exciting stunts and tricks? Or prefer to sail in the wild off-road terrain? Do you prefer a simple two-wheel drive or a more complicated four-wheel drive RC? Scale is another thing to consider. The ratio refers to the simulation of the relationship between the size of the RC vehicle and the actual vehicle. The bigger they are, the more expensive and impressive they are usually. But don't be overwhelmed. Here are the basic types of remote-controlled vehicles you can get: RC trucks cars typically use super-large impact, heavy-duty suspension and giant off-road tires. These babies are suitable for playing in the wilderness and are suitable for serious off-road all terrain racing. They may suffer a lot of abuse and be able to survive the jump of other RC vehicles.

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