Buy the most affordable RC transformer robot cars in Pakistan

The deformed RC transformer robot can be changed from a red sports car to an RC robot cars! The interactive robotic car includes exciting engine/accelerated sound, lighting and interactive phrases, 2.4 GHz controller with forwarding/reverse, left/right, vehicle mode and robot mode switching. Both the car and the robot mode use a 360-degree speed drift action.

With just one click of the button, this combat robot becomes a brand new children's RC robot cars. Each form has cool flash and awesome paint work. With more gameplay, this toy allows kids to stay here for a long time. Scale and surround the battlefield in any form. Chasing the enemy and fighting for justice. This modified robot features 360° speed drift and exciting engine and acceleration sound. Grab the controller and your robot will be ready to rumble. Just press a button on the remote control and the toy will be deformed in front of your eyes, ready to run around and fight according to your order.

When I drove a car that was ready to use, my friend Mike just got a Hornet RC robot cars. His car is a kit you built. This is "What accessories do you want?" Car type. Performance is not compared to my car. Mike can set the impact stiffness, replace the motor, use a different battery pack, and adjust his car's performance from the remote. After a lot of money saving and a long conversation with my father, I got my first remote control car. This is the Tamiya Falcon. The time to build the car was longer than I thought, but with the help of Mike, I finally got what I wanted - a beautiful remote control car. During the build process, I learned about the different types of nuts and bolts, how the resistors affect the current, how a set of C-unit nickel-cadmium batteries are connected in series to produce 7.2 volts, what the servo motor is, and how the difference works.

In the next few years, Mike and I will participate in the competition. We also tried car parts that were obtained from other children who gave up their hobbies. One of the greatest experiments is my 1/12 ratio, ultra-fast rocket powered car. It ran off the Estes D12-0 rocket engine. This RC robot cars is light in weight and has all the thrust. Mike and I built the rocket engine casing and exhaust system with an old fishing net with an aluminum handle and some RTV silicone. The final product looks both rough and cool, and has consistent predictability.

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