Cheap and fast RC cars for beginners in 2018-under $100

Headquartered in Texas, Traxxas has been preparing to compete in RC models since 1986. The company has become synonymous with performance, durability and world-class customer support. They offer cheap RC trucks for less than $150. There are 25 models below $350. They offer top-of-the-line fast RC cars for $800 and speeds over 100 mph. The first Rustler was launched in 1994 with a two-wheel drive 1/10 scale electric stadium truck. In the past 24 years, Rustler has seen many upgrades and models, the first model introduced was the 1994 Rustler. It features two-wheel drive, independent suspension and 2.2-inch wheels. The motor and the "Stinger 540" are controlled by a 3-speed rotary mechanical speed. The Rustler XL-5 introduced an upgraded "Titan 12T" 550 12-turn wire drawing motor in 2006. It also has a redesigned gearbox and a new 2.8-inch tire.

In 2008, the XL-5 body was updated with the VXL body. It also has a new coating program. In 2007, Traxxas introduced the VXL Fast RC car. The biggest change in this model is the "Velineon Brushless System". It also received a high current connector upgrade. These include line 12, a stronger differential yoke and fiberglass suspension rods. Upgrades and replacement parts are available for almost every component. Upgrade motors, bearings and clutch assemblies to increase speed and performance. There are different body sizes, bumpers and skid plates for exterior upgrades. You can even buy new decals and stickers for a custom look.

This fast RC truck cars may be a two-wheel drive, but it can keep up with four rounds of competitors without problems. The four-wheel independent suspension gives it great traction on uneven terrain. Its responsive reversing and braking features make it easy to get rid of the space you don't want to go. Attach a front wheel clutch lever and you will pull down the skill without tipping over. The material of the car is tough plastic and metal that can withstand the collision and collision of beginners. Important internal components are completely sealed and waterproof. The tires on Rustler come from the Traxxas Nitro range. These tires are impressive and the deep grooves make them ideal for off-road use. In 2009, Traxxas stepped up their competition and made two models of waterproof fast RC cars. This opens up a whole new world of off-road adventures.

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cheap and fast RC cars